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Respectful. Private. Fun. Profitable.

Let your readers sell their own attention.

The ad network your readers will thank you for.

Apply today and try it on your blog.

The cool part.

Each ad is a perfect-fit match that they control and choose to see.

100% privacy. 100% opt-in.

Bring your own ads

Your readers bring their own ads.

The cooler part.

Real money. Not much, but enough to keep it fun/interesting. With each ad, they are literally selling their attention.

Stack of coins.

They get paid for their attention.

The coolest part.

Like a tip, using someone else's money. (On top of the already best-$-per-ad rev-share paid by Sponster.)

Tip Jar - Let your readers tip you

They can split the $ with you.

Finally, an advertising and monetization solution where everybody wins.

Sponster will make your readers love ads.

Okay - maybe "love" is a little ambitious. 

But they sure will like them a little more.

Here's why:


Sponster respects your readers privacy and time. Each Sponster ad is a mutually-beneficial, opt-in, transparent transaction. 


No tracking. No creepiness. Sponster connects to your readers' personally-owned data profile stored at YouData.com

Privacy is not dead!


Sponster puts your readers in complete control of the ad experience. They decide when, or if, they see ads. 


Advertisers are no longer annoying adversaries to your readers; they are welcomed customers buying attention directly from the source. A fair  and transparent deal.

Watch the demo video to see Sponster in action.

Your visitors appreciate your content and the value you provide. Give them an easy and fun way to show it by adding a Sponster Tip Jar to your blog.

Your readers will love tipping you using someone else’s money.

Give your visitors a fun and easy way to show their appreciation and support.

Let your readers tip you with someone elses money

Finally, the ad network you and your readers deserve.

Fill out the form, and let us send you the code to test Sponster out on your own blog. 

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